Gen I Clicks Over Common Interests

The growth in social media users was pegged at 91 million in urban India in December 2013. Pratik Khubchandani, a young advocate and a foodie is part of a large group of foodies on a social networking site, says. “Such groups are cohesive; they bring together different people who have similar interests and thereby generate interaction. I get access to information about different restaurants. Such groups help in networking and making new friends.” It’s not just hobbies and leisure that attracts people to interact online, these groups are a great source of information too. Akshay Shishoo, a young professional and the administrator of a city group which provides all the information about Ahmedabad, says, “When I was in Bengaluru, there was a similar group which garnered a lot of attention. So I made a similar group for Ahmedabad. that talks about new product launches, artistic performances, social events, festivals read etc leading to a sense of belonging.” With people moving away from physical groups and forming online associations, there’s an go here accessible platform. Kumar Manish, a social media strategist says, “Such communities provide an opportunity for like-minded people to cooperate, coordinate and collaborate and share their passion.

Everton: How Can They Win The Title This Season?

The ceiling here. on ambition may have been broken, but it is still firmly capped over their finances and they do not boast the money to compete with their rivals in the transfer market. Therefore, the Spaniard will be praying that he can keep hold of his star players Baines, Barkley and Lukaku, for instance without any of them succumbing to injury or, for those contracted to the club, serious transfer bids. Whilst the money would undoubtedly be reinvested, the best thing for Martinez right now is to keep this set of players browse together to continue their title assault. Any money that is available will need to be spent very carefully, with Evertonians hoping Martinez can again pick some cheap diamonds in the rough as he has already done with Lukaku and Deulofeu. Another striker would be ideal to ease the goal burden on the Belgian, workouts particularly with Nikica Jelavics departure from the club, yet it is questionable who they would be able to afford that would provide the sufficient quality yet its not an impossible acquisition to be found. Whilst the belief at Everton is certainly there right now, Martinez will surely be striving to claim more victories. Whilst they have done fantastically well to make themselves so difficult to beat, they have also struggled at times to kill off games, and this has seen them with eight draws the second highest in the league and double any other team in the top 7. Converting some of these draws into wins will add a priceless additional two points: besides, a win and a loss is worth more points than two draws, so they will surely be looking to add build on their attacking instincts. Unfortunately for Everton, the relative size of both their squad and budget makes their title assault the most daunting of all the top 7.

Sports Ilustrated’s 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue To Feature Kate Upton In ‘zero Gravity’

The supermodel reportedly did a photoshoot for the magazine’s upcoming 50th anniversary edition (on newsstands Feb. 11) in a zero gravity chamber to simulate being in outer space. Naturally, she’s wearing a bikini in the shots. According to the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column, Upton was photographed in a silver swimsuit and her hair made up to “look like something out of (60s look at these guys sci-fi film) ‘ Barbarella .'” Following the release of last year’s Swimsuit Issue, on which Upton graces the cover from the first ever photoshoot in Antartica, the model appeared on Jimmy Fallon ‘s late night talk show to promote the issue, and he’s the one who suggested space. “Space — Oh! Space,” Fallon said while suggesting locales for an even more extreme location to shoot. “Think about this… think about this — theres no gravity… “My wife’s gonna kill me.” So far there’s no word on who this year’s cover girl will be, but Fallon was right about a space shoot — or at least, an anti-gravity shoot, then he might have already told us who’s going to be on the cover. look at these guys

Dr. Manny: I May Be Fat But I Will Never Take Weight Loss Supplements


Never in my 30 years of practicing medicine have I seen so many warning letters, mandatory removals and fines. What you will see on this go!! list are a number of tainted dietary supplements, many of which contain illicit medications. However, you will also find sexual enhancement products medications that falsely promise to cure or prevent diseases and a list of scam Internet pharmacies. Over the last three years, the FDA has cracked down on a number of con artists most of whom are neither health care professionals nor scientists who have been preying upon the good intentions of the American public. They are painting bottles with pretty labels or sexy images of models in bikinis, and theyre offering false promises in order to coerce you into buying their lies for a few dollars. The real question to me is: Why is this workout news out of control?
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78-year-old Man Says Vegan Diet Responsible For “ripped” Body

However, between 1974 and 1985, he says best site he “gradually eliminated all animal products except fish and cheese. Between 1985 and 1999, I weaned myself from both.” He became a vegan at age 65 and still remains dedicated to that lifestyle today, only eating nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables. Morris says he chose this lifestyle for ethical reasons, but he also did it because of the health issues he began to suffer from. “Prior to becoming vegan I suffered digestive problems all my life.” He began taking anti-inflammatory medications, to no avail. Eventually, he was receiving cortisone injections in his elbows on a weekly basis. On top of it all, he hardly slept.
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