Aggressive Offseason Workouts Have Mulder Ready

And last Friday, he says, everything clicked for the first time. “Now I Shin Ohtake review know I’m ready,” Mulder said Friday morning, prior to the Angels’ first workout. “Absolutely. I’ve never thrown this much coming into a Spring Training, but I also don’t know if I’ve ever been this prepared, either, just because of everything I’ve done.” Mulder, 36, last pitched in a click here! competitive game on July 9, 2008, with the Cardinals. His last win came on June 15, 2006. Shortly after that, his left shoulder — beleaguered by two major surgeries — pretty much gave out, forcing the two-time All-Star into retirement at only 31 years old. Around October, though, Mulder — the runner-up for the American League Cy Young Award with the A’s in 2001 — found a delivery that worked for him. He’s seen gradual improvement ever since. “Every week, I can look back and go, ‘It’s better than last week,'” said Mulder, who’s competing with Joe Blanton and Tyler Skaggs for the last spot in the Angels’ rotation.

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